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"I had been dreaming about booking a boudoir shoot with Pauliina for a while already. But for some silly reason or another, I never really pulled the trigger. "I don't look good enough", "I've just had a baby and my body is jiggly and ugly". I told my husband about these thoughts, and he assured me that it was all in my head only.

On Pauliina's Instagram, I kept reading about how other women felt after a shoot with her. And I wondered why on earth I kept wavering. I definitely wanted to experience a shoot like this for myself. I suggested to my husband to book a shoot for both of us in honour of our 10 year anniversary, and he agreed! 

Once we arrived in Turku, the lovely Pauliina greeted us in such a warm and beautiful way, that all my nervousness and doubts disappeared right away.


The shoot experience was amazing, it felt totally natural, like a breeze. My husband who had loved me just the way I am was there with me. At times, we even forgot that Pauliina was taking our photos. When we received the ready photos, we were so happy. I may have shed a few tears too. We looked so happy and in love in every single image. I felt stronger and more confident, sure that I am enough just the way I am. And on my side, I had the best husband I could ever imagine, who had supported me through thick and thin. I wouldn't have been here without him. This was the perfect anniversary gift for us.

After living through depression and anxiety, two pregnancies and weight gain, this was seriously a big deal for me. After the shoot, I see myself in a totally new light. I don't look in the mirror anymore with self-deprecating thoughts. I now see myself. Not just a mom of two, but ME. I love all of our beautiful family photos, but this shoot was special. We didn't do this for our children, we weren't just parents in these photos. These were only for us. And that is huge. 


We were so happy with this entire experience, and our biggest compliments go to Pauliina - you are incredible! You don't just shoot amazing images, but you really make people feel big things. During the shoot and when they see the end result. We are definitely coming back for more in the future. At least I am. Thank you, Pauliina!"




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