Lapland, especially Levi has become a very special place for me. When I’m there I feel whole in a way that I never felt before.


I felt it when I visited Levi for the first time in 2015. We were on a skiing trip with my family. I still remember that first week like it was yesterday.


Since then, I have had this intense need to visit Lapland every year. The peaceful, beautiful, happy and complete feeling that the place gives me is probably that Lappish magic that nobody can explain. In Lapland, somehow it’s easier to breathe and to live in the moment. To enjoy nature in all its glory. It’s easy to be happy in Lapland.


This year, I finally decided to visit Levi in the autumn. Now, right away. It couldn’t wait. People who know me a little better will understand that this is typical of me. When I get a certain idea, it needs to happen immediately. So, at the beginning of one week this September, I felt like I needed to go and already on Saturday, Aino and I were on our way to Lapland.

The two of us hadn't spent much time together before this trip. Together we climbed the fell in Levi. Every raindrop and every muddy step were worth it when this indescribable landscape opened up in front of us. It was such a powerful moment that cannot be put into words - you have to go and experience it for yourself one day. And I got to experience it with Aino. We were almost strangers when we left for Lapland that Saturday, and coming home after the weekend we had become friends. Must have been that Lappish magic again.