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Vaaleatukkainen nainen boudoir-kuvauksessa kotona


Your boudoir experience is all about you. I want the shoot day to be focused on your story, your beauty, your significance - whatever this means to you. You are unique and so is your boudoir shoot with me.


We plan the shoot together, from story over choice of location to a look that makes you feel amazing. On the day of the shoot, we progress at your speed, making sure you feel like the most important person of the day.

Boudoir-kuvaus on kaikenikäisille naisille ihana kokemus

All of us, me included, are in some ways insecure about ourselves and our appearance. In any situation really, but especially when we undress in front of others. This situation at first may feel unnatural for most of us, but I promise that I will reward the trust you put in me tenfold.

I want to create an atmosphere for my clients, in which they can forget the stressful daily life and feel utterly comfortable, beautiful and valuable.

I have photographed over 300 people in boudoir shoots, seen all types of beautiful bodies and heard unique and inspiring stories. To me working with women and other beautiful souls in this way is truly a dream come true.

Every one of us is different, we all have our scars, our "flaws". All of them are what in the end makes us interesting and our stories unique. It's time we realise that all of it is a part of us, and to learn to accept and love ourselves a bit more every day.


just as you are.

A boudoir shoot that looks like you, planned together with you.

Through years of experiences in these lovely shoots, I have learned the incredibly empowering effect they have on people. You're allowed to be nervous - that's exactly why we are taking our time with the shoot.

You don't need to pose like a model in our shoot. I will gently guide you throughout - letting you know exactly what we are doing, how and why. If something doesn't feel like you, we switch things up. There's no blueprint, no set shot list or pre-decided poses that we're running through. Your photoshoot is designed around you, and you only, so that you get the most out of the experience.

I can almost promise that after the shoot, you will be a big step closer to falling in love with yourself.

Boudoir-kuvassa vaaleatukkainen nainen istuu Levin Joulupukin mökillä ruskassa
Aikuisen naisen boudoir-kuvaus Levitunturin huipulla syksyllä
Boudoir-kuvassa nainen seisoo sumuisessa kuvassa mustan koiran kanssa
Tummatukkainen nainen boudoir-kuvauksessa nauraa sängyllä


The most important thing is to know that you are taken care of during the shoot. You don't need to practice anything, just be yourself. Exactly as you are.

Turn your boudoir shoot experience into the perfect pampering moment. Take an entire day for yourself or book the shoot during your vacation. The more relaxed you are before the shoot, the more you can truly enjoy this empowering experience. 

To get into the mood, fill a Spotify list with your favourite tracks. Anything that makes you feel happy, nostalgic, sexy, empowered, sensual - whatever it is that makes you YOU. We will play it during the shoot because great music always is a sure way to get us to feel more like us.

We want to create a relaxed, authentic atmosphere that makes you feel at ease and safe to express yourself in any way you want to.

The purpose is to create a safe, comfortable, relaxed and genuine atmosphere for you, so that the shoot would be as successful and memorable as possible, just for you.

A week before the shoot you shouldn't use any tanning products - just to avoid too strong skin tones that look great in reality but can look unnatural in photos. If you have natural tan lines from your vacay, they are of course totally fine - they tell a story and are a part of you, even if only for a moment.


On the day of the shoot, it's best to wear comfortable and loose clothes that don't leave any lines on your skin. When you come to the shoot, pick the comfiest look that makes you feel relaxed.


Your boudoir shoot look can and should describe you as a person. You can come with glam make-up, totally without or something in-between. Your look doesn't have to be anything and can be whatever you like best. If you have long hair, I suggest to leave it open, even if only for the beginning of the shoot. But if you never leave the house without a ponytail, then please don't change this habit for our boudoir shoot either. This is all about how you see yourself, how you feel your most beautiful and real.


In terms of clothing and possible props, I am happy to help you choose the best items possible. I always suggest light clothing items - they're great for the lighting in photos. I recommend neutral tones because they're timeless and won't feel dated when you look at your images in a few years time. However if bright and strong colors are your thing, definitely go for it! Bring along a few sets of underwear or a lace body, a corset, a stretched-out t-shirt, a kaftan or kimono, jeans, a comfy wool jumper, oversize blouse or woolen socks - whatever it is that makes you feel most like yourself. 


During the shoot we move at your speed, listening to your favourite tunes. You can enjoy a glass of bubbly to relax if you feel like it. Or we start with a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The shoot is all about you and capturing your glowing beauty and valuableness.


Life is so busy and moment rush by so quickly – I want us to create a little break in the midst of all that. A moment to focus only on you. You can be in jeans, in a dress, blazer, in sexy lingerie or without anything, wrapped in a bedsheet. Everything is up to you. This is your moment and you get to decide.

With me, you don't have to stress or be ashamed about your body. I cherish and encourage the idea that every soul is beautiful just the way you are. I truly believe every one is gorgeous, and I can't wait to help you discover more of that beauty in yourself.

Boudoir-kuvaus Äkäslompolon luonnossa kuukkelin kanssa, Lappi, boudoir
Iloisessa boudoir-kuvassa nainen istuu sohvalla nauraen kiharat hiuksissaan





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