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"The moment of our photo shoot and the pictures have been part of my journey becoming me, the woman I am and have always wanted to be.

I have wanted to grow from a kind girl to a brave woman.

The safe but strict environment of my childhood and youth limited my own growth and femininity.

Somehow by chance I had found Pauliina's pictures on Instagram and admired them. As my 40th birthday approached, the idea of my own photography began to feel like the best gift to myself. And it truly was. Meeting with Pauliina was significant.


From the pictures I can now see the woman I can and want to be. Sensitive, cheerful, brave and open to life. From the beginning it was important to me the pictures would be taken by the sea. I wanted the pictures to convey my love for the sea and for the sun. I feel my pictures are exhaling that love, just the way I wanted.

Pauliina made the shooting situation warm, despite the windy September sea breeze. She met me genuinely and it was safe to share my thoughts with her. It was easy to be photographed because of her.

Thank you, lovely Pauliina, for being a part of my journey."


boudoir valokuvaus yyterissä
valokuvaus yyterissä
boudoir kuvaus yyterissä
boudoir valokuvaaja, boudoir valokuvaus, boudoir kuvaaja
yyterin uimarannalla tuulessa
valokuvaus meren rannalla
yyterin uimarannalla
huomenlahjakuvaus yyterissä
valokuvaus hiekkarannalla
meren rannalla syksyllä
yyterin uimarannalla
nainen meren rannalla kaislikossa
nainen hiekkarannalla
kaislikossa meren rannalla
nainen neuleessa merituulessa
nainen hymyilee tuulessa
nainen vaaleassa neuleessa



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