"My first thought when seeing these photos was "oh wow I look pretty!" and right after that it went "but they're too revealing to anyone to see, and my hips look too wide and my tummy looks too soft and too this and too that". Stop. Too what? Why are we so ashamed of showing little skin, when at the same time it would be ok to post bikini photos from Bali? Why do we say mean things to ourselves but if it were our friends or family we'd say they look beautiful and wouldn't be lying? Why do we all should look the same and fit in the same mold? I'm not a size 0 but you know, I don't want to.

Girls are not born to hate their bodies, we teach them to. If I ever get children I don't want them to grow up hopping on a scale every morning and measuring their waist to feel beautiful. Your size, curvy or small, it does not determine YOU. You do not need to fit into whatever society claims to be beautiful at the moment. Love you for you and not for somebody else's standards. The right people around you will like you for who you are as a person, not whether your thighs touch or not.

Everyone should see themselves through Pauliina's camera and realize some important stuff."