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ihana valokuvaus turussa

"By chance, I saw beautiful pictures of incredibly beautiful women taken by Pauliina on Instagram and I thought exactly that would be perfect for me right now.


Over the past two years, I had started to love my body and my appearance, with all its curves and flaws. I was so proud of my body when, against all expectations, I got pregnant with light infertility treatments, even though I had already received an infertility diagnosis at the age of 15. However, after the pregnancy ended to miscarriage, I needed something concrete, from which I could see and feel that I am wonderful & beautiful, and my body is still worthy. The pictures taken by Pauliina and the whole idea behind Womankind made a big impression on me, so I immediately sent Pauliina a message and booked a boudoir shoot experience.


The morning of the shoot in Turku was wonderful, happy and, above all, safe. We chatted, drunk bubbly and ate licorice. We looked together at the clothes I had brought with me to the shoot. Pauliina gave tips and I chose my favorite ones.

The first five minutes felt funny. I felt like I was sso stiff, but Pauliina directed with a solid professional touch while we talked and laughed to the songs playing in the background.


In a moment I forgot that I am half-naked in front of the camera, I immersed myself in the atmosphere and enjoyed the moment. In that moment, I felt like the most beautiful and wonderful creature on earth. The whole shoot went so naturally that I didn't even notice the passage of time.


The result is much more than I expected. A wonderful gallery to admire anytime and a feeling to return to when I need strength and bubbling joy."

boudoir kuvaaja
upea valokuva naisesta
huomenlahjakuvaus turussa
boudoir valokuvaaja turussa_edited.png
ihana boudoir kuvauskokemus
valokuvaus naisille
boudoir valokuvaaja
upea boudoir kuvaus
boudoir valokuvaaja
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tarina lapsettomuudesta
nainen valokuvassa
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