"It's like seeing myself through a fresh pair of eyes in these images. It's amazing to see how you have managed to take such real images of me. I think one can see in these photos how much fun we had together - and how you got me to be entirely myself.

I'm terribly self-critical and I've always thought that my thighs and my bum don't really match my upper body, but dear lord, I look amazing!"

Stepping in front of Paullina's camera somehow feels really natural. I have heard many people say "I don't know how to pose in front of the camera", and in my opinion, you don't even have to. A good photographer will make you feel confident and guide you gently so that the images will turn out amazing! And Pauliina is just that kind of photographer. And on top of that, she's creative, innovative and has the most wonderful sense of humour!


I have stood in front of her camera a couple of times now, and every time it has given me an enormous self-confidence boost. Pauliina appreciates everyone who steps in front of her lens just as they are. There are parts of my body that I don't really like, and that I try to hide. Pauliina sees all of those parts as beautiful too, and she doesn't retouch her photos to hide anything. And that's really one of the best parts of the way she works."

MUAH: Sonja Määttänen / Elycia