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Lovely boudoir shoot & pampering giveaway

Amazing and lovely day just for you

*Last year's collaboration was fulfilled with other entrepreneurs and Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone Everyone deserves pampering but sometimes, for one reason or another, there is no opportunity for it. We understand that very well and that is exactly why we want to share good by organizing a unique luxury day for one wonderful winner. Cosmetologist & Makeup Artist Meliina Savela, Stylist Effi Bangura, Hairstylist Sirkku Lampiniemi / Hair salon Yazz Hair, Scandinavian clothing store Vilona and Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone. I feel huge gratitude I get to create something so unique and wonderful together with other professionals. I am really happy, moved and I feel such significance when each of these entrepreneurs came along with so much enthusiasm. What a memorable day we're going to spend at the beginning of February!? I cannot wait!

Last year in January 2022, we arranged a similar collaboration for the first time together with Meliina Savela and Effi Bangura. I knew both these lovely professionals in advance and I wanted to do something inspiring together again. Last year we arranged a styled boudoir shoot in the same milieu as this year, in the Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone. We got a hotel room as a collaboration for our shoot, after which our winner Annika got to stay and enjoy the warm embrace of the hotel's soft sheets by staying at the hotel and enjoying delicious breakfast at the Turku Seurahuone's breakfast in the next morning.

You are in good hands of beauty professionals

This day of luxury is created for you as a collaboration of different professionals, so that you can just enjoy the whole day. The charming hotel room of Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone is for the winner's use from the previous evening, February 1, 2023 until the next shooting day, February 2, 2023. You can arrive at the hotel late the night before the shoot and enjoy a long night's sleep in your room before the shoot.

The morning of the photo shoot starts with a relaxing facial treatment that emphasizes your glow and relaxes, which Beautician Meliina Savela has chosen with your skin in mind. After a soothing facial treatment, Makeup Artist Meliina Savela will create radiating makeup for you according to your wishes. I have trusted in Meliina so many times and I still visit her for waxing regularly, so you are in the hands of a truly wonderful professional.

Hair professional and the owner of Yazz Hair salon Sirkku Lampiniemi is one of the most skilled hairdressers in Turku. Before the day of the shoot, the winner will have their hair colored and cut by the skilled hands of Sirkku. If you feel most you in your own hair color, you and Sirkku can come up with just a haircut. We all consider respectfully your wishes, because this day is yours. That's why we listen with a sensitive ear to your thoughts and the wishes that make you feel beautiful, comfortable, safe and glowing.

A successful boudoir shoot

In addition to the beauty professionals, Stylist Effi Bangura, who is an absolutely wonderful person and magically skilled at her work, also takes care of you with her knowledge. Sometimes it can be challenging to choose clothes that you would like to wear in a shoot. You may feel insecure, or you may find it difficult to choose clothes and you no longer know what would look or feel good on you. A skilled Stylist knows how to encourage and listen to the feeling that making decisions might be easier. The stylist sees you as wonderful, unique and glowing, wanting to emphasize aspects of you that you may have mentioned you like about yourself.

In collaboration, we are able to borrow stylish & captivating clothes for the shoot from the wonderful Boutique Vilona store, which is located on Turku downtown, in the heart of the city center. According to your wishes and Effi's unfailing sense of style, Effi chooses clothes for you in which you will feel breathtakingly beautiful and comfortable. Clothes can encourage, create sensitivity, strength, sensuality, lightness or otherwise a new kind of feeling that you may have wanted to experience or find in yourself. Vilona store will also give the winner a gift card worth of 100€, which you can use after the photoshoot to pick up your favorite piece of clothing.

A boudoir shoot can be a truly personal, sensitive, delicate and intimate experience for many. Not only because of the lack of clothes, but also because of the path that led to the shoot. All women have a story, some really difficult or shocking, others desire to be empowered, to see themselves beautiful and valuable. You don't have to have any special reason to come to the shoot, you can come to the shoot just because you want to. Only for yourself.

I completely understand coming to a boudoir shoot is exciting. That's why I have wanted to focus only on boudoir photography, so that I can give all of me to each client. All my skills, energy, desire to understand, develop and to encounter. As a photographer, I'll guide you through out the shoot from start to the last moment by guiding your every move. You don't need to know anything beforehand. I am here for you, as are all the other professionals in this wonderful collaboration. In a boudoir shoot, the focus is on you. We are concentrating on your wishes, to what you like about yourself, where you feel beautiful. You can keep all your clothes on or be without. You can choose because this day and moment is created for you, just for you.

A moment just for you, because you deserve it

Each of us deserves love and appreciation because we are all worth it. Each of us is gorgeous just the way we are. Sometimes, however, faith in ourselves or in our own body is shaken and we need a little light push or a gentle wake-up call to see our dignity & beauty again. This is exactly the kind of day and shooting moment for you, just for you.

In a boudoir photoshoot you can wear only wonderful clothes borrowed from the Vilona Store or combine with a little sensual twist. Whatever you feel comfortable with, your wishes will be listened to. At every moment and always in a boudoir shoot with me, we proceed according to your wishes. In a boudoir shoot and on this special day you are the most important person to all of us.

This amazing lottery giveaway is running on social media on all of our accounts, and you can participate by liking and commenting under the post. By linking your friends, you double your chances of winning, because every comment is a new raffle. The date of this luxury day is February 2, 2023 in Turku at the Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone and it is not possible to change the date, so when participating please make sure that the day fits your calendar. Time to participate until tomorrow, Saturday, January 28, 2023. Go and participate quickly and also tell a friend.

I can wholeheartedly recommend every entrepreneur involved in this collaboration, so the next time you need competent, skilled, friendly, customer-oriented and wonderful service, feel free to turn to them: Cosmetologist & Makeu Artist Meliina Savela / Beauty Salon Studio Meliina Instagram: Makeup Artist Meliina Savela / Studio Meliina

Thank you, dear fellow entrepreneurs I get to create and implement something so great together with you & share good to the world! I'm looking forward to our magical shooting day together with you. Thank you, reader, participant, follower and raffle participant. Without you, all this wouldn't be, so many hugs !



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