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Boudoir shoot in Kajaani / Sanna's story of a memorable boudoir shoot experience

In the summer of 2022, the boudoir shoots took me to the beautiful summer landscapes of Kainuu, Northern Finland. I waded in the middle of a beautiful lake in a warm sunset, on a rainy day the fog embraced the sandy beach and in the next moment the sun took over the client's wonderful garden, where we poured glasses of sparkling wine during the shoot. Here is one of the stories from that amazing week. Sanna shared her story of her memorable boudoir shoot experience.

From year to year, taking boudoir photos in nature has become more popular, and I'm not surprised. Nature creates a completely unique setting for the boudoir shoot experience, because nature is exactly as it is every day. The weather doesn't ask anyone's opinion and doesn't give what is demanded, it just is and I think that's really fascinating.

Boudoir shoot is created according to your wishes

Based on Sanna's wish, we decided to shoot her memorable boudoir shoot inside the house and also in the yard in the wonderful garden. The most important thing in a boudoir shoot is that the shooting experience is just like you want it. You get to make the shooting experience exactly what you feel is best, safe, comfortable and cozy. A boudoir shoot doesn't have to be the same as a friend, acquaintance or someone on Instagram had, but it should be an experience for you. We often think what others think of us or how they act, but a boudoir shoot is a moment where you get to decide everything. Sanna dreamed of having a boudoir shoot at her home, because the home and the big yard were important to her. At home, you can be exactly as you are and know that you can be at peace in your own garden and take a moment just for yourself without any distractions.

detail photo of a woman's face. her eyes are closed and she is laying on the couch on her back and she looks calm

"Finally I decided to book a shoot for myself as a 40th birthday present / Sanna's story of a memorable boudoir shoot experience"

Here is Sanna's beautiful and moving feedback about her memorable boudoir shoot experience. I always feel moved and huge joy deep in my heart when I read it. I'll keep her words deep in my heart because I hope everyone could feel as valuable, beautiful, and gorgeous as Sanna did when she saw her pictures after our boudoir shoot.

"I don't remember when I first saw Pauliina's photos, I just remember wondering where she had found such beautiful and brave women to photograph.

I often looked through Pauliina's pictures and remembered my dream from 15 years ago; I dreamed of a boudoir shoot and I would get beautiful pictures of myself as a wedding present for my husband. I didn't take the pictures then and I've often regretted it, because I was still young and slim then.

woman laying on a couch on her back and turning her head backwards, her eyes are closed and her right hand touches her hair

The idea of ​​a boudoir shoot came to my mind every now and then and finally, I decided to book a photo shoot for myself as a 40th birthday gift. While booking the shoot, I had been on a diet again and had lost a few kilos. I felt good and confident. However, before the shoot, those few kilos came back (as always) and I began to doubt if I could be beautiful in the pictures and if they would be successful. Am I wasting my money? If I hadn't paid the booking fee, I would have canceled the shoot a hundred times.

I went back to browse through the pictures taken by Pauliina and noticed that each woman was stunningly beautiful, and I didn't even pay attention to their size. I spin in front of the mirror, noticing only flaws in my body that I wouldn't want in the pictures. I had a lot of confidence in Pauliina's professionalism, but I still doubted myself. Can a chubby girl be beautiful and sexy?"

"Finally came my day as a queen"

"About a week before the shoot, I went to an underwear store. I found the perfect underwear for the shoot, I felt good in them, and the seller's enthusiasm caught me too. I planned the whole boudoir shoot experience carefully, the make-up, the jewelry, and even the color of the sparkling wine to match my outfit. I felt the enthusiasm bubbling inside me.

Finally came my day as a queen. I used time to get ready in peace, make-up, and a hairdo. I spent the day listening to my favorite music and I felt thrilled because of the excitement and enthusiasm.

Finally, Pauliina arrived. We popped the champagne and sat on the terrace to chat and enjoy the sun. It felt like meeting an old friend after many years.

Finally, we started the shoot. My excitement was tangible. Pauliina guided and advised, but I was still a little terrified. "My stomach doesn't show, does it?" I asked suddenly and when Pauliina promised it doesn't, I relaxed. I enjoyed the moment, being in front of the camera and placing my hands and directing my gaze was easier than I imagined. Pauliina's comments and compliments felt good and in that moment I was living my dream."

"I had become a beautiful, wonderful, and brave woman"

"Three hours went by too quickly. My feeling was heavenly, beautiful, and relaxed.

After the boudoir shoot ended, I asked for a few sneak peeks for myself before the final gallery. After Pauliina left, I looked through my photos on the phone screen. I stared at them and went through them many times until I burst into tears. I had become the kind of beautiful, wonderful, and brave woman I had seen before in Pauliina's pictures!

The day was one of the best and I wish every woman could experience this. The pictures are a wonderful memory of a great day and a reminder that I'm beautiful and sexy even when I'm chubby. The only thing that saddens me is how critical I was of my body and I was afraid of showing my stomach, but I'm going to forget that for the next shoots."

"You have the talent and a gift to see women as fantastic and you can capture it in pictures."

"Thank you again for the perfect day, the photos, and for making me feel so beautiful. Promise to continue photographing for a long time, and I'll promise to come to a shoot again.

You have the talent and a gift to see women as fantastic and you can capture it in pictures. You are unbelievably lovely, warm-hearted and wonderful."

For me, feedback is one of the most important thing in my work. It means a lot to me that Sanna got so much from our boudoir photo session together that her attitude toward herself changed. Its meaning is something so deep and wonderful that I can't even put it into words. I always photograph, meet, create and design with a big heart and a lot of passion. That's why you are extremely important to me, the most important.

This kind of feedback always makes my heart bubble and makes me and my work feel so important. It is meaningful and I feel great happiness from it. Thank you very much Sanna for trusting me to share this sunny summer day with you and photograph you. You are absolutely gorgeous and your soul is full of gold. I promise to continue photographing as long as you'll come to a shoot again!



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