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What happens in a boudoir shoot?

What do you need to know? Do I need to be naked? Do I have to buy new underwear or book a make-up artist before the shoot?

Boudoir photography is an exciting, personal, new, and usually unknown thing for many. Maybe you would like to come to the shoot, but the thought of a boudoir shoot with a stranger is too exciting. Usually, when something is unknown, foreign or new, and even all of these together, we start forming horror images and the experience no longer seems so great, unique, attractive, or a unique experience. New and unknown is often scary for many, including me. Even though as a person I am quite spontaneous, and easily provoked and I love to learn new things about myself by experiencing as much as possible in life — everything related to my own body, especially in tiny clothes, is terrifying.

Do I have to wear less clothes in a boudoir shoot? Do I have to be naked if I don't want to? Can I keep my clothes on during the shoot?

It may be that some people want to take the client's courage to new levels to try where the client's limit is, or push for an even more "brave" outfit, position, or nudity. Maybe it works for some, but I don't find it working for me. I personally love when I can be exactly who I am to the people around me. It creates security, trust, relaxation, and a light mind. Then there is no need to stress about whether to please or not. There is no need to act anything other than what I'm at that moment or how I feel at that moment. There is no need to forcefully dress up or run naked into the lake, if the feeling is something completely different. That security is the feeling I want to convey and create for you as well. To me, nothing is actually worse than being forced to be something other than what I am or trying to get into a feeling that doesn't exist, so I don't want that feeling for you either. From the first moment you send a message to me, I want to respect your wishes, thoughts, and boundaries. In a boudoir shoot, you don't have to be naked, in underwear, or in less clothes, if you don't feel good about it or yourself. In a boudoir shoot, you can wear all your clothes throughout the shoot, if it feels the most natural to you and you feel comfortable, beautiful, and safe that way. Your wishes guides the whole experience from the first message to the last one when you get a beautiful photo gallery for yourself. For me, your wishes and thoughts are more valuable than anything else. You are the most important.

My anxiety is relieved a little when, for example, I get a face and a personality for a person. It is easier to talk to someone, to be in the company of a new person, and to slowly build trust when you know what the other person looks like, what they sound like, and what they are like. Because of this, the boudoir photo shoot experience is always planned beforehand and I arrange a planning call with you before the shoot. Many people want a planning call via video call, and some want a traditional phone call. Both are good options and we choose the one which is the best according to your mood and schedule.

The flow of a boudoir shoot

When I arrive at your home or in the venue of your choice, inside or outside, we start the photo shoot by casually talking about your wishes, drinking a glass of non-alcoholic sparkling wine and other goodies that I bring with me. You don't even have to search the cupboards for glasses of sparkling wine, I'll bring them with me. We will go through what clothes or other props you have taken with you to the shoot and how you feel about them today. You don't have to use all the clothes or props, although I usually recommend bringing more rather than less, because it's easier to prune than to put in that favorite thing that you left at home, now you would have liked to include in the photos. There is no need to buy new underwear or other props for the shoot if you don't want to. I think that the old ones are great and the shoot has never failed because of clothes. Once, a customer only had one pair of, in her own words, "worn out underwear" with her. I ran to my car to pick up a white over-sized collared shirt that suddenly happened to be with me and the result of the shooting experience was magical and exactly what the client wanted. That shoot is one of the most memorable, not because of the underwear, but because I experienced great sympathy of souls with her. We didn't need anything for the shoot so it became a wonderful, memorable, and hugely amazing experience for both of us. It makes me happy that the feeling was mutual.

During the shoot, you can change clothes, put your hair up or apply brighter lipstick if you want. I have set aside plenty of time for the shoot so that the shoot can be carried out without feeling rushed. You don't have to change clothes or look if you don't feel like it. You don't have to do anything in the shoot, but if you want a different twist to your photos by changing clothes, props, or makeup, then of course it's possible! Boudoir shoot is carried out from start to finish according to your wishes. If you find it difficult to choose clothes, I will be happy to help. You are not forced to do anything and at no point do I pressure you in any way, so there is always a safe, relaxed, and calm atmosphere in the shoot, where you are heard and your wishes are encountered.

A boudoir shoot is a moment just for you

Often, everyday life revolves around schedules, everyday rushes & hecticness, family life, hobbies, busy studies, everyday challenges, you name it. This is why a boudoir shoot is a moment just for you. You don't have to be anything to anyone during the shoot, you can only be present to yourself. No one demands or wants anything from you, but everything comes from you.

Especially those of us who hate being in pictures, we go into pictures a bit forced to please others. Those crowded and horrible snaps taken at family parties or the "nice" vacation photo taken by a friend/spouse that one couldn't hate more, I know them all. I've been in those pictures and hated myself, to the point of tears. I've met so many "me", i.e. the type of person who comes to the shoot and first thing they say is (unless it has already been revealed in emails or a planning call before), "I can't be in pictures at all and I hate it". I know, I know and feel that, because I'm exactly that type myself. I feel you and I know your struggle. I'm here for you. In your boudoir shoot, you don't have to "stand there", "sit pretty", "force a smile" "force a laugh", or "look happy" because someone tells you to. The shoot is your moment and you get to decide what kind of moment it is. Do you want to keep your hair open or up, as you always do in everyday life? Do you want to wear glasses because they are a part of you or do you want to try being in pictures without them? What kind of clothes do you want to wear, do you want to be naked, in underwear, or wrapped in your favorite sweater? What music plays in the background, in what venue you want to be photographed, whether you want the pictures to show joy or rather calmness or both — you decide.

You don't have to do anything and I don't force you. If you don't feel good wearing just your underwear — you don't have to. You can wear exactly the clothes you want the whole shoot or be naked if it feels good. Through the shoot, I guide, advise, and help. I'll tell you where you sit and how you sit. I will help you with everything you need my help with. If it doesn't feel natural for you to look at the camera, but you prefer to look away from the camera, I will guide you in which direction and tell you if you need to raise your chin a little. I help, tell and encourage. You don't need to know anything in advance. I usually ask you to touch, for example, your hair, a necklace, or the edge of your bra, because movement brings a relaxed and naturalness to the pictures, which you might not notice at the time of the shooting, but you will when you look at the pictures. I don't expect you to know how to move or pose, but I advise you on everything so that you feel as relaxed as possible.

You can read more about preparing for a boudoir shoot on my website. On my homepage, you can also find the section "what to expect". If for some reason you can't find what you're looking for on my website, you can always send me a message and I'll always help as best I can. In every situation I feel we are more together. No one can know everything in advance and you can't always find the answer even with super good Googling, that's why you can always ask me. There are no stupid questions and it is much easier to take steps in the direction you want when someone lights the way. You can send me a message via the contact form on my website, by email at, on Instagram, or by WhatsApp at +358 45 154 9929. I'd love to hear from you!



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