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The beginning of Womankind boudoir blog

Welcome to the Womankind blog! I welcome you with a warm hug, like a friend at the front door when you enter a home where you know you can be exactly who you are.

It is taught everywhere that what you put online once will always stay there. I really hope so now, because there is so much more room for diversity in the world than I could have ever imagined in my youth. Being just me, I was never wrong kind of, even if I wasn't like all those whose pictures covered the pages of every fashion magazine. I was different, but I didn't know and didn't believe being just me could ever be much more than enough.

I have been thinking for a long time about how I could bring out even more brave, wonderful, beautiful, valuable, gorgeous, and lovely souls who have come to the boudoir shoot, chosen me as your photographer, and shared your story. How could I, even more, leave behind the imagery that I would have needed throughout my youth? How could I celebrate and share diversity, its uniqueness, wonder, and power even more? That EVERY ONE of us is beautiful, lovable, meaningful, unique, strong, wise, and valuable just the way we are.

Every week I see such different bodies, hear touching and powerful stories, share thoughts and experiences from my own life, identify, get inspired, get touched, enjoy, love and get filled with gratitude. Nobody is wrong kind of or worse than another, just different and that's how it should be.

I want to advance the visibility of many kinds of bodies and stories as widely as possible because everyone is wonderful & deserves to be seen, heard, and confronted. I believe the world needs this, we need this and I need this. That's why this blog was born, along with my portfolio, Facebook and Instagram, so that as many wonderful person as possible could be seen exactly as they are. That my work would be seen more widely and those things together would make life and existing a tiny bit easier for all of us - exactly as we are.

I've photographed more than 300 women so far and it feels unreal. So many encounters, stories, and moments of trust. So many shared boudoir shoot experiences, dreams, excitement, hugs, tears, and bursting into laughter that it feels almost unbelievable. It feels like a cliché to talk about how grateful I am and how big and supportive strength this job is for me, but it's true.

I hope and want to believe this will be the future. Everyone could be at peace in their body, express themselves the way they want, live without shame or fear, and be or not be exactly what they feel good about without constantly comparing themselves to others or living only to meet others' expectations.

None of us have to fit into any mold. Not externally, professionally, educationally, or in any other way. Only you paint the borders of you & your life, and that is the most beautiful and valuable thing to do. No one's are the same and that's what makes us so unique. If only each of us could know that, believe in it, and share it on as well.

At least that's what I'm going to do, because I believe that when each one of us finds it even a little easier to be with ourselves, this becomes a much safer, more accepting, more encouraging, and more beautiful place to live in. This is the beginning of something that kind of a place and I'm so happy you are here with me.

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